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Why Choose Us?

Here at GloTalk we strive to help students become as fluent as possible in a variety of ways from 24/7 access to your tutor to English worksheets and activities that are constantly added to our site for students to practice their English outside of their lesson.

Group Sessions

Bring your friends along to gain discounted prices on lessons and other activities while learning how to communicate in English in a variety of ways not available in solo lessons.

Individualized Student Pages

Each student gets access to their personalized student portal where they can communicate with their teacher, receive homework and worksheets, and are part of a group of students that all have the same tutor in order to practice your English with more than just the tutor.

24/7 English Help

Even when your lesson is over, you can communicate with your tutor for help with any English questions, proofreading, and any other English related content.

Your Path Towards English Fluency

Choose the way you want to learn. We know that every students English journey is a little different. Therfore we dont use one set curriculum to teach every student. During your "Introduction Lesson" you and your tutor will decide what your English Level is based on a series of questions, and activities (you can find the English levels down below). After that, you and the tutor will decide which way you want to learn English. At GloTalk we have a variety of different learning paths such as the traditional learning path of going from the basics to complete fluency, those that want to learn English simply to get better at tests in school, and more. Below are the different methods in which you, the student, can choose from to learn the way you want.

Getting Started

During our "Introduction Lesson" we will determine which English level you are at based on the levels below. These levels have some of the topics we study at each level, with many more for you to discover during your lessons! 

GloTalk Curriculum Outline




Functional English

  • Weather

  • Travel 

  • Sports

  • School

  • Clothing

  • Daily Routines

  • Days of the Week

  • Jobs

  • Hobbies

  • Family

  • Directions


  • Numbers

  • Spelling

  • There is / There are

  • Comparatives

  • Prepositions of Place

  • Have Got

  • Possessive Adjectives

  • Likes & Dislikes

  • Comparatives


  • Present Simple

  • Future Tense

  • Questions with "How"

  • Adverbs of Frequency

  • Must & Have to

  • Articles

  • Questions

  • Countable Nouns

Functional English

  • Meeting People

  • Money

  • Making Plans

  • Invitations

  • Holidays

  • Travel

  • Cooking

  • Fitness


  • Phrasal Verbs

  • Conditionals

  • Quantities

  • Passive Voice

  • Prepositions of Time

  • Modal Verbs

  • Conjunctions

  • Used to

  • Reporting

Functional English

  • Shopping

  • Personalities

  • Routines

  • Culture Shock

  • Trends

  • Setting Goals

  • The Future

  • Art

  • Tipping Culture




Functional English

  • Health

  • Behavior

  • Feelings

  • Sustainability

  • Environment

  • Social Media

  • Cultures


  • Present Perfect

  • Intensifiers

  • Future Perfect & Continuous

  • Certainty vs Possibility

  • Idioms

  • Mixed Conditionals


  • Collocations

  • Debates

  • Linking Devices

  • Emphasis

  • Advanced Conditionals

  • Advanced Phrasal Verbs

  • Compound Adjectives

  • Modals

Functional English

  • Film

  • Demands

  • Implicit Meaning

  • Societal Problems

  • Quality of Life

  • Ethics

  • Risks

  • Conservation


  • Passive Voice

  • Modal Verbs

  • Future Expressions

  • Clauses

  • Articles

  • Continuous

  • Perfect Forms

Functional English

  • Jobs

  • Questions

  • Address

  • Emails

  • Phone Calls

  • Formality

  • Greetings

  • Leadership

  • Enterprises

  • Networking

  • Workplace

Next Steps

After we decide your English level, there are multiple ways for you to learn English! Depending on your level, what you want to learn, and why you are learning, we determine which English learning path is best for you! Remember these are different ways to learn English and not English courses so each path can be changed to help the student learn the way they want.

Paths Towards English Fluency

Using a Tablet_edited.jpg

Traditional Method


Perfect for those who want to learn English through a traditional learning method through a mix of grammar and functional English.

This path uses a balance of grammar and functional English to make sure students know all topics within their level before moving on to the next level. Students will move up through the levels traditionally until they reach their C1 fluency level. Students will also focus on reading, speaking, writing, and listening alongside their grammar.

Distance Learning

School Focused


Maybe you are wanting to focus on getting better grades in school. Well this path might be for you!

This path helps students of all ages in school get better grades. This is for those who want to focus on their English tests and the questions and problems they will be seeing in the classroom. We try and follow curriculum from countries such as China, Japan, Korea or wherever you are from to accurately help you prepare for your English class and tests.

Student in Library_edited.jpg

Real World Focus


For those who have an understanding of English grammar and want to focus on communicating in the real world through reading, speaking etc.

This path focuses much more on real world scenarios than specific grammar topics. While grammar is learned, it is learned more through reading, writing, speaking, and listening instead of grammar excercises. This is great for those who understand English grammar and want to really focus on communicating in English. 

Online Socializing_edited.jpg

Adult/Business English


Looking to get your dream job but don't have the time to study English every day? Well this is your crash course for real world English to get you there faster.

These lessons will focus on helping adults learn English in a faster way than younger students. These will be adult focused and helping them use English in their daily lives. For those looking to practice business English we will learn grammar and functional language to be able to use English in a business environment.


More Benefits, Same Price

Our lessons are the same price as many other services but give you the opportunity to have homework, review sheets, group sessions with friends, and a site where you get activites, blog posts, and much more for you to practice your English outside of your lesson.


No Hidden Fees

Here at GloTalk we focus on creating an environment where students can learn English as fast as possible while only having to pay for their English tutoring lessons. Therefore everything outside of the lesson is completely free for students to practice their English while also being able to contact their tutor at anytime for more personalized help outisde of their lessons.



Plenty of ways to save money. You can do group lessons (which are our most popular option), get 15-20% off for refering someone to take lessons with us, and receiving occasional discounts or free lessons for being long time users.

Focus on the Tutor that is Right for You Not the Prices

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